Thank you for your interest in a partnership with King’s Christian School.

King’s Christian School (KCS) is an independent school that presents provincial curriculum from a Biblical worldview. A portion of the school’s annual operating expenses are covered by the government grant, with the balance covered by tuition. As such, tuition plays a critical role in the quality of the education KCS is able to offer its students.

The purpose of the tuition assistance program is to provide temporary financial assistance towards the payment of tuition fees for current KCS families who are unable to pay the full cost of Christian education. Since our school was founded in 1977, significant funds have been devoted to assisting families in this way. Each academic year, KCS plans to distribute approximately 6% of its projected tuition income in financial aid.

As a Christian community, we gratefully acknowledge that everything has been given to us by God and that it is our responsibility to help carry one another’s burdens. At the same time, we are called to be good stewards of what God has graciously provided and fulfill our responsibility to manage the school well. It is out of gratefulness toward God and compassion for other Christian families that KCS is helping those who need financial assistance at times.

There are two ways to submit an application for tuition assistance.

Option 1

  • Complete the application and save it
  • Email your completed application to finance@kingschristianschool.com

Option 2 (COMING SOON)

  • Complete your application using the ONLINE TUITION ASSISTANCE PACKAGE form.

Please note: If you do not log into a Microsoft account your progress may not be saved until you click “Submit”.


Tuition Schedule

The following Tuition payment options are available:

  • Post Dated Cheques over 10 months.
  • Preauthorized Debit over 10 months.
  • Payment in Full or Two Parts (post-dated cheques for Sep/Feb, or Credit Card Online)

Please see the Tuition page for full details on these options.

Questions? Please contact our Finance Team at tuition@kingschristianschool.com or at the school office.

The Federal Government allows parents who choose a faith-based school for their children to use a portion of the tuition fees as a charitable donation for income tax purposes.  This amount varies from year to year, depending on the cost of operating the school, the number of students, and the amount of revenue received from sources other than tuition, for example, the government grant.  The cost per student for each child attending King’s is deducted from tuition fees paid and the remainder qualifies as a charitable donation for tax purposes.