King’s Christian School is dedicated to providing students with a safe environment that develops academic skills, encourages spiritual growth, celebrates achievements and nurtures individuality.

In addition to scholastic instruction, KCS teachers are committed to caring for and investing in the character and well-being of each child. KCS provides a stable Christian school environment that compliments home and church life, contributing to the well-being of the whole child. KCS aims to create an environment where children can learn, explore and understand this culture through the lens of a biblical world-view.

Working together with parents, we equip students to make a difference in their local church, community and the world for Christ.  It is our desire that students are prepared to follow a lifestyle where they serve others, live out their faith, and affect change in those around them.


The purpose of the KCS handbooks are to acquaint parents and students with our vision, educational philosophy, and principles of operation. It is our hope that it will answer some of your initial questions. For further information, please contact our school office (, and we will be happy to assist you.

AFFILIATION: King’s  Christian School is associated with the Society of Christian Schools in B.C. and with Christian Schools International. Our representation to government and society is through the Federation of Independent School Associations.

SCHOOL: The purpose of Christian schools is to educate children for a life of obedience to Christ and to walk as image bearers and stewards of His creation.

Parents hold the primary responsibility for the education of children to whom God has entrusted them. Parents may not revoke that responsibility and give it over to the state, but seek to entrust their child’s education to King’s Christian School whose vision is Educate for Life in service to God and others.

KCS Teachers provide daily instruction in cooperation with parents, and are responsible to give Christian leadership in all aspects of the curriculum and also by example in their personal conduct.

EDUCATIONAL FREEDOM: Christian Schools organized and administered in accordance with lawful standards and requirements as set by the Department of Education of the Province of British Columbia, should be fully recognized in society as free to function according to their principles.