• Use a computer if possible, many mobile devices block an important step in the initial set-up.

  • The red X and “your password has expired” message is actually a prompt for you to reset from the temporary password to your preferred password.

  • You will be required to set a security question and answer; choose options you will readily remember.

  • Due to the high security of the MyEd BC database, users are required to reset passwords every 90 days.

  • The Login ID/User ID is either first initial last name format, or your email address.

Report Cards

  • Student report cards appear in the middle right of the Family Portal home screen under “Published Reports”.

  • Report cards are a PDF, changes do not appear in real time.

  • Report cards are set to expire on July 31 of the applicable school year, please save or print as preferred before that date.

For additional technical assistance, please email: