Students in Grades 10-12 are encouraged to participate in the Missions Program at least once in their high-school career.  Participating in the Missions Program includes becoming a leader in our KCS community, taking the Missions Elective course and participating in all elements of preparing and going on the Missions Trip in the Spring.

Students focus on fundraising for the trip in their Grade 10 year. Fundraising during this year consists of recycling cans/bottles, poinsettia orders, pizza Mondays and other fundraisers that take place over the year. By the end of Grade 10, students are asked to make a commitment to participate in the Missions program.

During their Grade 11 year, students focus on preparing mentally and spiritually for the trip. This includes group meetings, ministry planning, researching Guatemala, preparing testimonies, writing sponsor letters and visiting classes as that particular class’ “Missionary” for the year. Students are typically expected to raise $1,000.00 in support for their trip during their Grade 11 year. The remainder of the cost is raised through group fundraising efforts, mainly through our Dessert Auction Evening.


2023 MIssion Trip