The decisions regarding the education of our children are some of the most significant that we make on their behalf. For thirteen critical years, a child spends the majority of their waking hours at school, and we all know that school is so much more than simply learning to read and write. In this peer-influenced and media-driven culture, our mandate is clearer than ever as we strive to create a safe place for our children to ask questions, experience relationships and explore the realities of their faith. Christian education is not about hiding from the world behind platitudes; it is about intentionally developing critical thinkers who are rooted in an authentic faith, and providing the skill-sets required to navigate an increasingly secular culture.

King’s Christian School is a community of believers, grounded in the truth of God’s Word and the reality of His love. We are focused on active learning partnerships between faculty, parents and students, and are pleased to provide a dynamic educational environment that spans the entire academic career, from Preschool to Grade 12.

King’s Christian School offers a comprehensive educational package that challenges and supports the academic and spiritual growth of our students, as well as a variety of supplemental programs that encourage athleticism, creativity in the arts, and many mission-oriented opportunities that extend from our own community to the world beyond.