• Dec. 1—K-7 Report Cards go home
  • Dec. 4—Poinsettia Pick Up 3:00-4:00pm
  • Dec. 5—Poinsettia Pick Up 8:30-10:30am
  • Dec. 5—High School Christmas Banquet
  • Dec. 6—Half Day with Dismissal at 12:10pm
  • Dec. 6—K-7 Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Dec. 14—Christmas Program 7pm
  • Dec. 22—Half Day with Dismissal at 11:30am
  • Dec. 25-Jan. 5—School Closed for Christmas Break
  • Jan. 8—School back in Session

Waiting and Acting

“Both the Advent season and the selection of Scripture readings are characterized by an attentive attitude, a posture of waiting.  But a time of waiting is not just a period of mounting expectation, to be impatiently endured until the long-for person or event arrives.  It is an opportunity to set our sights on the promise, to hold fast to it, to consider its significance, to explore and fathom who and what it is that we are waiting for.  The centuries that God’s people spent watching and waiting in the Old Testament, longing and hoping for the day of redemption, are mirrored and even relived in our own interior waiting in the season of Advent.  This waiting is not a passive whiling away of the days and hours, but a time when our appetites are whet, when our eagerness is honed to fine-edged anticipation, when we stand on tiptoe to catch the first glimpse of His
coming.”  Jeanne Kun

During month of December, I enjoy reading Scripture pertaining to prophesy foretelling the arrival of the “Christ” child. I spend time in Genesis, Isaiah, and Micah where Christ’s arrival is foretold.  I then read the stories of Christ’s birth in each gospel as well as the stories of individuals such as Anna and Simeon who longed to view this promise.  Considering the time span between the prophesies and the birth, we would do well this Christmas to consider the value of waiting.

Today’s culture seeks immediate gratification and results.  We want something and we want it now.  Credit card companies and salespeople continually bombard us with visuals indicating how and why we should not wait for the “good” things in life.  Many of us though can remember a time when we saved up carefully to purchase a particular item.  Remember the excitement of being finally able to buy this long awaited item and the pride we had in being able to do this?

Perhaps the time of waiting involves the arrival of a child conceived nine months earlier or an
engagement period that involves much preparation.  For many students it is the anticipation of graduation.  Recognize that this waiting is an active period filled with many things to do, but also focused on one event; completion of school, the onset of a career, or a relationship. Patience is often listed as a virtue yet we struggle (all of us) with this idea that we should wait. We hurry into programs where we are done quicker, we buy now and pay later, we short circuit time in
developing friendships, we enter into forms of “marriage” which seem to meet our needs right now, often at the expense of a lasting positive effect.

This Christmas, as we celebrate Jesus’ birth, may we also reflect on what Christ came to
accomplish here on earth and recognize our role in redeeming the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.  This act requires us not to just wait, but to act in the here and now of life.  It is not a short process but rather one that will demand the focus of our life. At our life’s end, we may not see the grand plan that God has and yet we wait, we trust that He is patient that none should be lost or left behind. Be Christ’s hands and feet daily as you celebrate God’s role in redeeming us from the slavery of sin and oppression.  May God bless each of you this Advent season and may He
continue to use you for His honour and glory.  As you have been blessed, may you be a blessing.

Mr. Brandsma


One of the highlights of the school year is the KCS Christmas Program. Students of all ages will be taking part in presenting: “One Child Changed Everything” on Thu. Dec. 14th. All are welcome! The program begins at 7pm with doors opening at 6:30pm.


There are families within our KCS community that ask the school to refrain from posting photos of their children on social media, websites, blogs or advertising. As a school, we are diligent in filtering through the photos that we post in order to honour these media restrictions.

In light of this we extend a friendly reminder/request to parents: when taking photos of school events, please check in with the families of other students captured in your photos before posting to personal social media sites. Thank you for your help with this!


Parent/Teacher interviews for K—Gr. 7 will take place on Wed. Dec. 6 from 1pm—6pm. An email has been sent out with instructions of how to sign up if you would like to meet with one or more of your child’s teachers.  Please note that Dec. 6 will be a half day for ALL GRADES with dismissal at 12:10pm.


Our annual High School Christmas Banquet is just around the corner. It will be held on Wed. Dec. 5. Doors will open at 5:30pm with the banquet beginning at 6pm. This year’s theme is “Starry Nights.”


Gift cards for Askew’s and Save On Foods can be purchased at the KCS office and 6—7 percent of sales will go towards our missions program.


Basketball season is underway. Please check the website for practice and game schedules.


Students in Grades 8-12 will be writing Provincial, final and mid-term exams from January 22-25. The finalized exam schedule will be emailed out to parents and posted on the school website in the near future.


There will be two opportunities to pick  up pre ordered poinsettias. Mon. Dec. 4 from 3-4pm OR Tue. Dec. 5 from 8:30-10:30am.