•  Mar. 7—Grad Photos
  • Mar. 16—K-7 Report Cards + 8-12 Interim Reports go home
  • Mar. 19-30—Spring Break (Mar. 30 is Good Friday)
  •  Apr. 2-Easter Monday
  •  Apr. 3—School Re-opens
  • Apr. 13—1-3pm Grandparents Day
  • Apr. 17—Grad  Transitions Evening


Jeremiah 29:11 “ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

“Life is a Journey not a Target”

Perspective on life is so important for each one of us.  We are all at different points in this life journey.  Some of us with young children are aware that our kids are just beginning this voyage and it’s filled with opportunities.  These parents recognize that they and their children’s journey’s are unique and filled with many important steps.  For those with
older children, a realization that as parents, we must give up some of our control and pass it on, trusting that God is able and faithful. Some of us have been blessed with
grandparents who live in the same time zone allowing us to also consider their journey that may be in the later stages of this earthly journey.

The point I am trying to make here concerns each of us, but most specifically our senior students.  They too are on a journey and I often feel they are unduly burdened with the expectation of knowing where exactly their journey is headed.  While I fully endorse setting goals for one self in terms of careers and future plans, many students experience tremendous anxiety simply because they think this is an irreversible path; that it’s a choice, a one-time deal.  It probably is not and I believe for many of us, God has a variety of careers planned out at various times in our lives, many after retirement.  In addition to this, I believe what God wants most from each of us is simply to love Him and to love our “neighbor.” I truly believe in honouring the gifts He has given each of us but if we begin with simply loving Him, seeking His will and direction all through life, that He will direct our path over and over again.  Perhaps it is time to rephrase the question to “How are you going to serve God after high school?” and pose it as an opportunity rather than an irreversible proclamation.

A few years ago I was blessed to hear a presentation from a gentleman who God has called to a new area of service.  “Retirement” has set in and this husband and wife team has found a new opportunity to love God and their neighbor in Nicaragua.  We all have key moments when decisions about work or study, about change or opportunity, need to be made.  Let’s be sure that these steps are made surrounded by prayer, that these steps honour God, serve our neighbours and utilize the gifts God has given each of us.  Truly then we can relax, enjoy the journey, and simply make each day a time to rest in the
assurance of His promise that He will use us to serve! May God grant us the confidence to trust in His leading!

Mr. Brandsma



There are families within our KCS community that ask the school to refrain from posting photos of their children on social media, websites, blogs or advertising. As a school, we are diligent in filtering through the photos that we post in order to honour these media restrictions.

In light of this we extend a friendly reminder/request to parents: when taking photos of school events, please check in with the families of other students captured in your photos before posting to personal social media sites. Thank you for your help with this!


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