• Feb. 9—Pro D Day
  • Feb. 10—Ski Club to Silverstar
  • Feb. 11—Family Day, Stat Holiday
  • Feb. 17—Ski Club to Silverstar
  • Feb. 24—Ski Club to Silverstar
  • Feb. 27—Kindergarten Info Evening, 6pm
  • Feb. 28—Re-Enroll Forms Due to Office
  • Mar. 7—Grad Photos
  • Mar. 19-30—Spring Break
  • Mar. 30-Good Friday
  • Apr. 2-Easter Monday


“Train up a child in the way he should go and when He is old he will not depart from it.”
Proverbs 22:6

“What you think determines what you do, what you do will determine the direction you go, which direction you go determines your destination.” ~ Quote from a sermon by Pastor Josh Friend in Red Deer

.Sometimes at the beginning of a new school year, I question why we do what we do in regards to Christian Education.  Why don’t we simply join the public education system and try to impact public education.  Could they not benefit from some “Christian” teachers?  Maybe we could be a light to our secular world in this setting?  It will certainly reduce the costs for our families and therefore we could give more to other ministries.

One of the fundamental identities of Christian Education must be that it is based on God’s word; that each of our courses, each of our interactions are based on sound Christian principles which serve as the foundation of this “private” educational system.  I personally wonder how I would do in the Public System.  Could I be the same educator that I am at KCS at a Public High School?  While I obviously would not be able to have devotions and prayer (requests), I would also be unable to base the curriculum on God’s word.  I could not teach science with an attitude of amazement toward a God who created such a complex world;  much of which we have no idea about, and then follow it up with the realization that He also desires a personal relationship with each of His children.  In fact I could not even bring up the idea that God is the Creator.  What you think determines what you do, where you will go, what is your destination.

Christian Education is designed to influence, to shape students’ thinking.  It is expected that this thinking will influence their actions, their path and destination. Christian Education does not allow students to operate in a vacuum, to encourage students to come up with their own interpretations of how the world came to be and how we are to interact with it.  But rather it is designed to reveal who God is in addition to how we as His image bearers are to live.  Public Education by removing any reference to a God or Creator does not preach a neutral message, but rather a concerted effort to eradicate any idea from a student’s mind that God exists.  Christian Education is not about protection or isolation: What it is about is opening a student’s mind to seeing the world as it truly is.  Our goal at King’s Christian is, “to educate for life” where each of our students can make a difference in a world where God is often denied, ignored or treated like a bystander. How I look forward to the day when every knee will bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Until that day however, it is our job to educate for life lived in response to our Creator.

Mr. Brandsma


Please join Team King’s Christian School for this year’s Coldest Night of the Year fundraiser-walk.

To register online, go to
Contact Kristen Stevenson at:


RE-ENROLLMENT 2018-2019:

Re-Enrollment Intent Forms for the 2018-19 school year are now available. Forms have been distributed, one to each family. Extra forms are available; please email Mrs. Treleaven or Mrs. Yeo if you have any questions or to request another copy of the form.


King’s Christian School is actively seeking a few new members for our school
committees. In particular the Finance and Education committee would welcome a new
member or two to join this important work on behalf of our school. In addition our Board annually seeks out interested parties looking to play a leadership role on the school board.

Each term is generally three years and no experience is required. All we ask for is a
genuine interest in the work of Christian Education. If you have questions or interest in
joining one of our committees, please contact any of our Board or Committee members for more information. I have listed the chairperson of the Committees below. The Board meets approximately ten times per year while the Education and Finance Committees meet eight times per year.

We continually ask for your prayer support as the school leadership leads and guides our school in providing a Christ-centered educational experience for each of our children. May, through the work of the home, school and church, God’s name be given honour and praise.

Mel Brandsma             Principal                       
Barry Siebenga            Board Chairman         
Lorne McNeilly             Finance Committee   
Cristie Jansen               Education Committee


There are families within our KCS community that ask the school to refrain from posting photos of their children on social media, websites, blogs or advertising. As a school, we are diligent in filtering through the photos that we post in order to honour these media restrictions.

In light of this we extend a friendly reminder/request to parents: when taking photos of school events, please check in with the families of other students captured in your photos before posting to personal social media sites. Thank you for your help with this!


Gift cards for Askew’s and Save On Foods can be purchased at the KCS office and 6—7 percent of sales will go towards our missions program.


Basketball season is underway. Please check the website for practice and game schedules.